District Urban Development Agency

As per Cabinet Decision No.2176 dated 16/7/2015, regarding creation of District Urban Development Agency (DUDA) under each District of Govt. of NCT of Delhi, DUDA was constituted.

All rules and regulations of the society will be carried out in accordance with section 12 and 12A of the “Society Registration Act, 1860” as applicable to the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The following works would be executed through DUDA:-

  1. Strengthening & Augmentation of infrastructure i.e. Road, Street, local park, street light in each assembly Constituency (MLA LAD).
  2. Other Scheme – Minor work and My Delhi – I Care.
  3. Development of urban villages.
  4. Renovation /Reconstruction/ improvement of chaupals in urbanized village.
  5. Citizen local area Development/ Swarajya fund related work.
  6. Any other Scheme as per decision of Govt. from time to time.


Registered office of the Society:                                O/o District Magistrate,

District, South Delhi, M.B. Road, Saket

New Delhi – 110068

Important Orders and List of Works:

 Sr.No  Order No Order Date   Subject
3816-3919 16/07/2015 Creation of District Urban Development Agency (DUDA)
1876 05/08/2015 Certificate of Society Registration with Memorandum & Rules  
4432-52 06/08/2015 Order for Assistant Engineers in DUDA
4156 31/08/2015 Order regarding guidelines for Districts
6876 29/02/2016 Order regarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd Installments of payments
353-354 02/03/2016 Reports regarding Feasibility and Non Feasibility of works 
8957 28/06/2016 Order for formation of Mohallas in Delhi
8     List of works under CLAD with the remarks and detail of progress
9     List of works uner DUDA/CLAD by various Departments
10     List of works under DUDA/MLA LAD by various Departments