District Development Committee

The Government of NCT of Delhi has to set up a two-tier structure, consisting of the Apex Committee at the level of the Government of NCT of Delhi and Eleven District Development Committees at the District level. These Committees are intended to encourage de-centralization in decision-making and provide a responsive and responsible administration by involving elected representative of the area (MLAs and Municipal Councillors), Resident Welfare Associations, District Magistrates and District level officers of the other Departments and civil bodies.


The broad objectives behind the constitution of these Committees are as under:-

  1. Provide a responsive administration at the district level.
  2. Decentralize decision-making in matters relating to all departments of the Government of NCT of Delhi with specific reference to public utility and basic civic amenities.
  3. Involve people directly as well as through elected representatives in the process of planning, execution and monitoring of various schemes, projects and policies.
  4. Institute an efficient and effective public grievances addresal system at district level to generate confidence of the people in elected Government.
  5. Provide balanced development of and equable access to various facilities among the districts.f. Empowers the officers of all departments including district administration with better control, supervision and monitoring of various schemes.
  6. Minimize delays on account of the multiplicity of authority id Delhi.
  7. Provide a single window approach to the public with regard to various problems being faced by them.
  8. Ensure speedy implementation of all plan schemes and projects falling within the district annual/five year plans of Delhi.


It is a two-tier structure, Apex Committee at Government of NCT of Delhi level and Eleven District Development Committees at the District level.

The backbone of the set-up is the District Development Committees which are being empowered to achieve the above objectives. The Apex Committee reviews and evaluate functioning of District Development Committees.

The meetings of District Development Committee of South district are held once in every month on 3rd Thursday of the month at 11.00 AM in the conference hall in the office of Deputy Commissioner (South).

The composition of the District Development Committees are as under:-

  1. One of the MLAs of the District to be nominated by the Chief Minister for a period of one year each by rotation.-Chairperson (Sh. Naresh Yadav)
  2. Other MLAs – Members
  3. District Magistrate (Revenue)-Convenoriv. All Zonal Committee Chairmen of the MCD, whose zonal jurisdiction falls within the district-Members
  4. Nominee of the Commissioner (MCD)/Chairperson (NDMC) not below the rank of an Additional Deputy Commissioner-Member
  5. Nominee of Chairperson (DVB) not below the rank of a superintending Engineer.-Member
  6. Nominee of CEO (Delhi Jal Board) not below the rank of a supdt. Engineer.-Member
  7. Supdt. Engineer (PWD).-Member
  8. Deputy Director of Education-Member
  9. Deputy Director/Area Officer concerned of transport Department-Member
  10. District Officer, Social Welfare Deptt. – Member
  11. Assistant Commissioner (Food & Supplies) – Member
  12. Representative of Health Department – Member
  13. Representative of the DDA of at least Supdt. Engineer rank – Special Invitee
  14. Representatives of 3 Residents Welfare Association by rotation – Members
  15. Additional District Magistrates/ Additional Deputy Commissioner – Member

Role and Functions

The role and functions of the committees are:-

  1. To identify the present plan schemes of all the department for the particular area/District. The schemes are listed out for effective and time barred implementation by the members of the respective departments enlisted in the District Development Committees.
  2. In due course the committee would prepare the District Level Plan for implementation.
  3. To constitute, sub-committees, as and when required for various subject matters under consideration.
  4. The Deputy Commissioner is convenor of the Committee. He exercises the powers of the Chief Executive Officer of the District with regard to review and monitoring of schemes, once approvals for the scheme have been obtained by the respective departmental heads.
  5. The Departmental members perform their role within the financial powers delegated to them by the respective Heads of Departments for expeditious implementation of schemes and programmes for the Districts.


The duties and responsibilities of the district development committees are enumerated below:

  1. Take all effective steps needed, including calling of meeting for the monitoring of plans for development of the district, review and monitor the progress of the various projects.
  2. To monitor the implementation of various policies and scheme of the Delhi Government and act as a watch-dog on implementation agencies.
  3. The would also be responsible for resolving issues which can be resolved at district level concerning the implementation of projects and schemes.
  4. Committees would make recommendation to the minister concerned and organize a meeting with the minister of resolve specific problems of the area, instead of leaving it to official procedures.


  1. Sub-committees may be constituted by District Development Committee by passing a resolution in the Committee to look into a specific subject.