Organisation Chart

The District is headed by the District Magistrate followed by an Additional District Magistrate (ADM) as second-in-command. The District is divided into 3 Sub Divisions and one Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) is head of each Sub Division. Each Sub Division is having Revenue and clerical staff for its various functions. For Revenue functions each Sub Division has Tehsildar, Naib-Tehsildar, Kanungo and Patwaris in that order. For other functions, there is clerical staff. The three Sub Divisions are-:

  1. Hauz Khas
  2. Saket
  3. Mehrauli

District Magistrate (South) has also been designated as Joint Chief Electoral Officer (South) for performing election related duties. In this work, he is assisted by all the SDMs and SDM (Election). For work relating to registration of documents, there is office of Sub-Registrar (V-A) directly under the control & supervision of District Magistrate Office of the BDO(south) is also a part of the office of Deputy Commissioner. Headed by the Block Development Officer, this office is responsible for custody of Gaon Sabha land and promotion of Agriculture, Horticulture and Developmental activities in the village. There is also a centre of NIC in the district which facilitates computerization in the district and links the district with the world through internet. The officers of the district can be contacted on the following numbers

S.No. Name of Officer Designation Phone No. Office E-mail Image 
1 Sh. Mekala Chaitanya Prasad, IAS District Magistrate 29535025  
2 Dr.Pranjal  J. Hazarika ADM, South 29536774  
3 Ms. Anita Rana SDM (Election) 29532188  
4 Sh. Pawan Kumar SDM HQ (South) 29532310  
5 Ms.Mahima Madan SDM ( Mehrauli) 26641772  
6 Sh. Radhey Shyam Meena SDM( Saket) 29535190  
7 Dr. Mukesh Kumar SDM(Hauz Khas) 29536904  
8 Sh. Ajay Yadav BDO South 29536566  
9 Sh. Ajay Sachdeva Tehsildar(Hauz Khas) 29531082  
10 Sh.  Devender Kumar Tehsildar (Mehrauli)  —  
11 Sh. Rakesh Kumar Pahwa Tehsildar (Saket)  
12 Sh. Rakesh Kumar Pahwa Sub-Registrar (Link Officer) 26646700    
13 Sh. Deepak Ahuja NT (LA)  
14 Sh. Arbind Kumar Singh NT(LAC)  
15 Ms. Poonam Chadda Sr. AO, South 29532314  —  
16 Sh. Kulwant Lal Khatri

Section Officer (CTB,Coordination Relief,DUDA,MSME)

17 Ms.Bharti Das Section Officer  (Admin) 29532320