Solvency Certificate

1. Application form in the prescribed format.

2. Proof of residence-Ration Card/EPIC.

3. Proof of profession like Pay certificate, Income Tax Return etc.

4. Details of immovable property along with documents.

5. Valuation report of Govt. approved value.

6. (a) Proof of rented value, if any

(b) Proof of the property being free from all encumbrances.

(c) Proof of House Tax payment if any

(i) Case of agricultural land, its size and details of location with Khasra No.

(ii) Name of the owner/co-owners with share of each.

(iii) Copy of latest Revenue record like Fard.

7. Details of Bank Account

8. Details of Financial Assets like Bonds, Share Certificates, Fixed Deposits, Provident fund etc.

9. In case of Company, details of financial structures.

10. Income Tax returns for last three years.

11. Share holding of all Directors and their financial status.

Time Required -14 days